3 Signs You Need to Call for Faucet Repair in Garden City, NY

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Well-maintained plumbing is a critical aspect of ensuring your home is in good condition, and that’s important to keep in mind when it’s time for faucet repair in Garden City, NY.
Why Faucet Repair in Garden City, NY Is Important
How often do you really think about the faucets in your home? We perform actions like washing our hands and filling up the coffee maker so automatically that we’re unlikely to give any faucet much thought—unless it’s damaged. However, when it’s damaged, we tend to notice quite quickly because it can lead to water damage to your home, plus, it can drive up your water bills. In both cases, you’re going to feel it in your wallet, so it’s best to get it fixed right away. Here are three signs you need faucet repair:

  1. The faucet is leaking around the base. If you open the faucet and water starts to leak around the base, it can be a sign of a fracture inside the faucet. Because this kind of leak usually runs off all around the faucet, it quickly affects the wall to which the sink is attached.
  2. The faucet looks old. Over time, pretty much every faucet starts to look old and damaged. Especially when sediment starts to build up, the faucet doesn’t just look tired; it also starts to function less efficiently.
  3. The aerator is damaged. The aerator in a faucet is a water-saving element that creates a fuller flow by forcing air bubbles into the stream of water. It’s pretty much standard in all modern faucets and can help keep your water bill down. If the aerator is damaged or missing, you need to have it replaced as soon as possible.

Contact Gold Star Service for Faucet Repair in Garden City, NY
For professional faucet repair and top-rated plumbing services, contact Gold Star Service. Our team of highly experienced plumbers can help you quickly and cost-effectively. What’s more: we’re not happy until you are. So why wait? Call us today!

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