Ask Our Local Plumbers in Garden City, NY: When Should You Call for Faucet Repair?

A woman and plumber looking at a clogged kitchen drain.

So you just noticed you have a leaky faucet in your home—what should you do? Do you get faucet repair from our local plumbers in Garden City, NY or do you just simply ignore it and go outside to enjoy that summertime weather? The answer should hopefully be the former, but let’s consider what would happen if you went with the latter. Chances are, that leaky faucet is only going to worsen. You will soon begin to feel the brunt of high costs on water bills and your faucet will soon stop working to the best of its abilities. Oh, and that drip-drop noise won’t stop.
Gold Star Service is here to provide you with faucet repair that will put a stop to leaks once and for all. Our team of local plumbers in Garden City, NY always show up to a job with all the right tools to get faucets fixed immediately. Even if you think that minor leak isn’t anything to concern yourself with, you need to call us up immediately. We’ll be there for you as soon as possible and make repairs that are appropriately quick.
When Should You Call Our Local Plumbers in Garden City, NY for Service?
A part of getting quick service is identifying the signs your faucet needs professional attention. If you suspect something is wrong with your faucet, be on the lookout for:

  1. Higher Costs on Water Bills: Are your water bills skyrocketing in cost for seemingly no reason? The truth is that a leaky faucet can eventually cost you gallons of water if not treated soon enough and force you to make a huge dent in your savings. This can add a huge layer of financial stress to your life if you don’t seek faucet repair immediately.
  2. Low Water Pressure: You should be immediately greeted with a steady flow of water every time you use your faucet. However, if the water pressure lowers considerably, you may notice your faucet dripping slower or perhaps not at all. Causes for lower pressure include clogged drain pipes, problems with the water heater, and burst pipe leaking behind the wall. No matter what caused it, you need to call for repair immediately so you can have water that’s not only steady, but also effective for whatever purpose you need it.
  3. Corrosion: Your faucet will inevitably start to corrode once it reaches a certain age. While not immediately concerning, corrosion will become a huger problem the longer it goes without professional attention to the point where you will need to replace your faucet entirely. A few spots of rust here and there on our faucet is natural, but it should be concerning once corrosion begins to impact how your faucet works.

Contact Gold Star Service today if you want amazing faucet repair from our local plumbers in Garden City, NY. We’ll keep your faucet from dripping and keep you at a better peace of mind!

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