Don’t Wait! Get Sewer Replacement in East Meadow, NY Now!

A sewer line before it has been installed.

You spend most days of the year not thinking about your sewer system, but when problems arise, they’re impossible to ignore. You may be able to solve some sewer issues by having the line cleaned out or repaired, but nothing was built to last forever. In many cases, the best solution to sewer line problems is to invest in complete sewer replacement in East Meadow, NY. Gold Star Service is one of the area’s best plumbers, and they have the equipment and know-how to make the process simple, stress-free, and affordable. If you’re faced with any of the following three problems, it’s time to call Gold Star Service for sewer replacement in East Meadow, NY.

  • Tree Root Intrusion: Your sewer is located underground, and that means it’s susceptible to tree root intrusion. Tree roots are powerful enough to completely overcome your sewer system. They grow quickly, and once they invade your sewer line, the damage is usually permanent and irreparable. The best solution is to start over by replacing the entire sewer.
  • Corrosion: Once your sewer line starts to corrode, there is no way to reverse the damage. Corrosion will cause more than a small leak. It will weaken the integrity of the entire sewer, and if left too long, you will be faced with a messy and expensive problem. It’s best to replace a corroded sewer line as soon as possible.
  • Complete Rupture: If your backyard is suddenly full of foul-smelling puddles, it’s likely that your sewer has completely cracked and ruptured. A ruptured sewer line poses obvious problems in regards to your plumbing system, and it’s also extremely harmful to your health. A ruptured sewer line is the result of infrequent maintenance or your sewer system simply reaching its age limit. The only way to move forward is to call a professional that specializes in sewer replacement in East Meadow, NY.

Your sewer has an important job to do. Many homeowners would rather not think about the specifics of that job, but neglecting to replace your sewer when the times comes will only cause you more headaches and cost you more money in the long run. Learn more about sewer replacement in East Meadow, NY by calling Gold Star Service.

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