Furnace Repair or Replacement—What’s the Difference?

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Repair or Replacement—What’s the Difference?

If you’re not sure which one you need, this information may help:

  • Your Furnace is Older than 10 Years: The average lifespan of a furnace today is 20 years. Remember that the older a furnace becomes, the more likely it is that you will need to seek repair. If your furnace has already aged past 10 years, these calls for repair will become much more common. And costly. Instead of wasting time on a failing furnace, you should consider replacing it to save long-term money. What do you need? Furnace replacement. 
  • Clogged Furnace Filters: Blocked airflow from the furnace is usually due to dirty filters, making the system work harder to produce heat and increase the cost of your energy bills. Fortunately, this will only require a quick change from a heating technician at Gold Star Service to remedy the situation. You can also do your share by replacing filters once a month. What Should You Get? Furnace repair.
  • High Energy Costs: Are younoticing the cost of energy bills skyrocketing beyond belief even if there haven’t been changes in the furnace’s performance’? It is a sign that your furnace is losing its ability to produce efficient heat. If it proves too costly on bills, replacing the furnace with a new model may be the better choice. What do you need? Furnace replacement. 
  • Thermostat Problems: Though faulty thermostats will provide an uneven distribution of heat in your home, it shouldn’t force you to replace the furnace. Maybe you will have to replace the thermostat, but definitely not the entire heating system. Having Gold Star Service fix the thermostat will allow for greater climate control in your home. What do you need? Furnace repair. 
  • Improperly-Sized Systems: An over or undersized heating system will only result in frequent system breakdowns and cost more on energy bills. If this problem applies to you, please call Gold Star Service for a replacement. Our contractors will carefully inspect the area of installation to determine what size of system would be necessary for your home. What do you need? Furnace replacement. 
  • Duct Cleaning: You should call for duct cleaning annually. Blocked ducts will both damage the efficiency of your furnace and spread dust and other allergens through your home. It will also result in an uneven distribution of heat and poor furnace efficiency. Fortunately, all it will take is a quick inspection and cleaning of your ducts to get that efficiency back on track. What do you need? Furnace repair. 

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