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Look Out for These Warning Signs You Need Sewer Cleaning in East Meadow, NY!

A sewer line before it has been installed.

As a responsible homeowner, one of the things you need to be aware of is when it’s time for sewer cleaning in your East Meadow, NY home. In this blog post, we’ll explain why this is so important; plus, we’ll share some of the most common warning signs to look out for.
Why Sewer Cleaning in East Meadow, NY is Critically Important
Most of us don’t spend any time at all thinking about our home’s sewer—until there’s a problem. Then it’s pretty much all we can think about until it’s fixed! The reason for this is, of course, that a clogged or leaking sewer is extremely unpleasant and dangerously unhygienic—and it can’t be ignored. Obviously, the bad odor is the most invasive problem that accompanies sewer problems; but the immediate impact on your home’s hygiene and consequently on your family’s health is equally important. Remember: sewage contains bacteria and viruses that can be extremely dangerous to humans, so you want to avoid any contact with it. However, if your sewer isn’t cleaned regularly, it’s going to get clogged—and that’s what leads to sewer backups and leaks.
Warning Signs You Need Sewer Cleaning in East Meadow, NY
Now you understand the risks associated with a clogged sewer, it’s time to learn how you can tell if you need sewer cleaning. Be alert to the following signs:

  • A bad odor coming from your home’s drains. This indicates the sewage isn’t getting flushed away as quickly as it should be.
  • Strange noises from your drains when you flush the toilet. If you flush the toilet and you hear a gurgling noise from the bath, sink, or shower, then it’s a sign your sewer needs cleaning.
  • Sewage in your toilet. This pretty much indicates a backup—and you should call your plumber right away!

For top-rated sewer cleaning in the East Meadow area, call Gold Star Service. We’re dedicated to keeping our customers’ plumbing systems in good shape in the most non-invasive, cost-effective way possible. So don’t wait: if your sewer needs cleaning, call Gold Star Service today!

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