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Why Hydro Jetting is the Most Effective Type of Drain Cleaning in East Meadow, NY

A sewer line before it has been installed.

So you have a clogged drain. It happens to all homeowners, regardless of how carefully you maintain your sewage. What you’re going to do about it, however, is the question. When it comes to proper drain cleaning in East Meadow, NY, Gold Star Service recommends one type of cleaning above all others: Hydro jetting.

This type of drain clearing may not be familiar to all homeowners. While the traditional plunger comes to mind when a clog drain comes up, or nasty drain chemicals or an expensive cabling device also come to mind as viable options, hydro jetting is the most effective and safe way to properly clear your drains.

The way hydro jetting works is by using an air compressor to blast water between 7,000 and 60,000 psi into a drain to clear it. It’s similar to power washing, and is controlled by a gas or electric powered compressor.

Drain Cleaning in East Meadow, NY: Why Do We Use It?

The main reason this is so effective is the sheer pressure behind the water. These air compressor-run hydro jetting devices can clear drains with an unimaginable power. They can do the job of a hundred plungers, in an instant.

The next reason we recommend hydro jetting for drain cleaning in East Meadow, NY, is for what goes into the drain. Think about it, what belongs there? Water, of course. So why put nasty chemicals like drain cleaners into a system designed to handle solely water? With hydro jetting, water is used as the force to clear the blockage, guaranteeing you never have to include the usage of man-made chemicals that can leak in and around your house.

The final reason we prefer hydro jetting for drain cleaning at Gold Star Service is that it truly cleans your entire piping system. Cable snakes are great for clearing little clogs, and plungers and drain cleaners may break through light issues in the pipes, but the power of hydro jetting truly clears the clogs, and any mineral deposits growing on the inside of the pipes, out of the system. By the time a hydro jetting job is complete, your pipes will be as-clean-as-new.

If you’ve run into a problem and require drain cleaning in East Meadow, NY, call Gold State Plumbing for assistance. We’re happy to supply our hydro jetting services to effectively and efficiently clean the plumbing in your home.

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