6 Benefits of Switching From Oil Heat to Natural Gas Heat

If you’re living in an older home in the Long Island area, there’s a good chance your home uses oil in order to heat itself. If you live in one of these houses, you might be wondering if you should make the switch to natural gas and who could help you if you do decideRead More

5 Signs You Need Drain Cleaning

Your drain system is the heart of your home’s sanitation system. It allows you to shower, clean dishes, eliminate waste, and get fresh drinking water right from the tap. But what happens when your drain system isn’t working the way you need? You may need to call the plumbing professionals at Gold Star Service to schedule aRead More

Do You Need Drain Cleaning in Hicksville, NY?

Clogged drains can be a frustrating nuisance, but having a dirty drain during the cooler months could mean bursting pipes in your home. The winter season already puts enough strain on your plumbing, freezing your pipes and wearing down your water heater. No homeowner wants a home flooded from a burst pipe, which is whyRead More

Three Signs It’s Heating Season – and What That Means for You

Are leaves crunching under foot? Does your favorite coffee shop smell like someone forgot to take last year’s pumpkin out of the truck? Have you noticed tweens in the neighborhood exchanging their Birks for Uggs and comfy leggings? Yep, it’s time to turn up the thermostat. But heating season doesn’t have to mean breaking theRead More

Ways that Hydro Jetting Benefits Your Plumbing

Clogs and blockages are a common plumbing problem for most homeowners. Sometimes they come and go, but if left untreated, its possible that they cause severe damage to your drain and sewer system. Debris can still accumulate, no matter how well maintained your plumbing is! Don’t you want a safe way to remove them? IfRead More

How to Properly Maintain Your Water Heater

Your water heater is one of the most used appliances in your home. It’s often taken for granted – until it stops working. There’s nothing more inconvenient that hopping in the shower or bath and running out of hot water within minutes. Even though your water heater should be professionally serviced at least once aRead More

Benefits of Solar-Powered Attic Fans

During the summer months, it’s quite common for your attic to reach unbearably hot temperatures. Heat rises, and when it gets forced out of the lower levels in your home, it simply moves up. For those of you who use your attic often, the heat can be unbearable. Even if you only use your atticRead More

What’s Wrong With Drinking Water From the Tap?

  Access to clean drinking water is a luxury that we often take for granted. While some tap water is completely safe for drinking, some can contain contaminants that can lower the quality. Clean water is necessary in your home for drinking, bathing, and cleaning. If you want to be sure that your water isRead More

Is Your Air Quality Safe?

Throughout each year, we spend a considerable amount of time indoors. During the fall and winter months, we hang in to keep warm. When temperatures rise in the summer, we hang in to keep cool. Because we spend so much time in our homes, shouldn’t we want the air we breathe to be safe andRead More