Oil To Gas Conversion Service

Oil heat is almost four times more expensive than natural gas, and much of it is imported. Natural gas is produced right here in the United States, which means it is much cheaper to produce, transport, and support local businesses. You can expect to save significant cost in heating your home because of all these factors, as well as protect the environment in and around your home.

Reasons to Make an Oil to Gas Conversion

  • Easier delivery options
  • Cleaner burn than oil
  • Lower cost
  • Easier storage and maintenance
  • Greater availability of gas fuel in certain regions

Oil to Gas Conversion Features

Along with converting your home’s heat from oil to gas to save you money for next winter, when the heating experts at Gold Star Service arrive at your home, we will:

  • Quote a price for the conversion
  • Check for the proper connections to the gas main
  • Determine any needed upgrades or replacements
  • Haul away your old equipment

Oil to Gas Conversion Benefits

It can cost a lot to heat your home with oil during those long, cold, New York winters; a furnace or boiler can cost up to $8,000. You also have to worry about the oil tank running down to empty, or leaking out if it gets damaged underground. The experts at Gold Star are prepared to save you money and headaches with an oil to gas conversion, which means you’ll enjoy:

  • Lower-cost heating
  • A cleaner burn than oil heat
  • An easier delivery option
  • Easier maintenance

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